Restaurant: The Mail Coach
Address: 6-8 Derngate, Northampton NN1 1UB
Chosen burger: Kingsthopre
Consists of: Beef burger, Mature Cheddar Cheese, Gherkin, Cos Lettuce, Tomato
Price: £8.95 (with skinny fries & salsa)

As our dangerously delicious burger search continues, the team paid a visit to the newly reopened town centre pub, The Mail Coach. Located in the heart of the cultural quarter, the popular pub has recently undergone a refurbishment and changed management. The new and improved Mail Coach now boasts a stylish décor, impressive array of craft beers & wines and importantly, a new restaurant menu. It is this new menu and a new selection of burgers that grabbed the team’s attention; could the Mail Coach deliver that all important five star burger that we have been so desperately searching for?

Mailcoach Kingsthorpe Burger


The menu keeps the burger selection relatively simple, offering patrons the choice out of 4 real burgers – and one vegetarian option. After a perusal of the menu, we opted for the Kingsthopre; Aberdeen Angus beef with a classic combination of cheddar cheese and bacon which sounds simple but can be so effective when put together correctly.

Firstly gents, let us talk about the beef. Oh the beef! Thick, chunky and juicy without any real element of grease, the Mailcoach managed to cook the patty to absolute perfection with a flush of pink in the middle. Succulent and tender, the Aberdeen Angus patty had a rich and deep beefy flavour that left us depressed after each bite as we knew eventually the delicious patty would be gone. Vitally, the bun-to-burger ratio was just right, with the beef resting between soft, fluffy and sweet brioche buns. It made it possible to easily enjoy the burger with two hands; just the way nature intended a gourmet burger to be devoured. Adding a sufficient amount of the accompanying salsa added a sweet and tangy piquancy which worked well against the saltiness of the bacon and the creamy mildness of the cheddar cheese. Combined, the elements worked well to enhance the beef showstopper without competing for centre stage. Finished off with the underlay of fresh romaine lettuce, juicy tomato and moreish skinny fries, we finished the Kingsthorpe with a gratifying, inner peace.

The Verdict

Whatever you may have associated with the word Kingsthorpe before a visit to the Mail Coach, the word will forevermore be synonymous with the word burger afterwards. On paper, the Kingsthorpe may look quite simple, but simply put, the burger was absolutely delicious. Each individual element was carried off without a hitch, creating something quite marvellous when combined. High quality ingredients cooked well, the burger managed to leave us feeling slightly guilty and extremely satisfied – the calling card for any great gourmet burger. Capable of being handled without the worry of the inside spilling out the side and with barely any grease which allowed the soft and springy brioche bun to maintain its shape, the burger was a well balanced triumph. An exact burger equilibrium if you will.


Yes, you have read correctly gents; five stars. The newly opened Mail Coach managed to hit each proverbial burger nail on the head and is the first burger in 2015 to be awarded that all important five stars. An absolutely delicious burger that we recommend any gent goes and tries out. What you are looking at here gentlemen, is a well deserved and genuine five star burger.