Restaurant: The Wheatsheaf Pub & Dining Room
Address: 126 Dallington Road, Dallington, Northampton NN5 7HN
Chosen burger: The Wheatsheaf Beef Burger
Consists of: Beef burger, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Caramelised Red Onion Chutney
Price: £12.50 (with fries & coleslaw)(2 burgers for £15 on a Wednesday)

Six burgers reviewed, one five star burger and one extra notch on our belt; it could only be the Northampton Gent’s burger search of 2015. The journey continues with our seventh contestant as we hunt down the finest burgers Northampton has to offer. This week sees us pay a visit to the rather delightful village pub, The Wheatsheaf Pub & Dining Room. A short drive way from the town centre, the grade II listed establishment has been under new ownership for over a year and has been providing the locals of Dallington & gents from further afield with freshly cooked, seasonal meals. With a good selection of beers and ales available and a charming, traditional pub setting, we were keen to discover if they had what it takes to serve up a burger capable of securing the coveted and highly elusive five stars?

Wheatsheaf beef burger Northampton Dallington

The Wheatsheaf Beef Burger

The Wheatsheaf Pub & Dining Room has kept the menu simple and effective; there are only seven mains dishes to choose from, one of which was the burger. The sleek menu means the chefs are able to refine the seven dishes to a fine art rather than contending with a bible of meals to prepare, whilst also making the team’s decision remarkably easy. Notably, Burger Night is every Wednesday, so gents are able to purchase two burgers for £15; a pretty substantial saving from the regular price of £12.50.

Before we dive in, we just want you to get a good eyeful of that burger above. Study the glazed bun, the thick patty, the crispy bacon sneaking out just under the melted cheese; it is a veritable feast for the eyes. But as they say about books and covers, we reserved our judgement. As is customary, allow us start with that all important burger essential, the patty. Asked how we wanted our beef (a reassuringly good sign), our medium rare burger was cooked to absolute perfection. Brown on the outside and with a flush of pink in the middle, the high quality beef’s texture was flawless – chunky without being too compact – with the soft burger oozing delicious beef juices without an ounce of grease. The soft and fluffy glazed bun managed to contain the juicy burger and its partners in crime with ease, making the burger easy to eat with two hands; just as God intended. The balance of the burger was faultless and being able to pick up a burger without having to remove parts like some sort of edible game of Jenga is always a big plus.

The patty and bun combo alone won over our hearts and minds, but then there are the details … those delicious, delicious details. The creamy cheddar melted over the burger worked well as a supporting role, with the mildness of the cheese not butting heads with the winning beefiness of the patty. The real power couple that blew us away was the smokey bacon and the caramelised onion chutney. The crispy bacon brought a tasty injection of saltiness & some desirable crunch to the soft burger which complemented the sweetness of the caramelised onion chutney; a match made in heaven. With fresh lettuce – when we say fresh, we mean grown outside in the Wheatsheaf’s allotment fresh – to help balance out the whole affair, the Wheatsheaf beef burger truly was a thing of beauty.

The Verdict

Gents, when the opportunity to taste an exquisite burger comes along, it is almost impossible to remember what a bad burger tastes like. As soon as we sank our incisors in, we couldn’t help but smile like giddy school children rather than refined gentlemen. Any burger that is able to induce such giddiness is something special.  Keeping it simple and focusing on great quality ingredients and balanced, complementary flavours, it was the first time we felt a stab of regret bringing a team member to share in one of these burgers. Caught in a kind of burger trance, eating a second burger after finishing our first seemed very reasonable and perfectly natural at that moment in time. It was not just the burger that impressed; the fries were crispy, moreish and perfectly seasoned whilst the coleslaw was fresh and crunchy without being overly creamy. It will be a burger that we will be able to look back at with fond memories in our later stages of life.


We are sure that those five stars above are no surprise to you. Worth every penny at £12.50, the value on a Wednesday of £7.50 (if you share of course; £15 if you decide to fully embrace the burger experience with everything you have and eat two), the burger is certainly value for money and has set the bar in the burger search of 2015. Our advice, stop reading and visit the pub… right now… why are you still here our good sir?!