Restaurant: The Cromwell Cottage
Address: 1 High Street, Kislingbury, Northampton, NN7 4AG
Chosen burger: Home-made British Beef Burger
Consists of: British Beef burger with smoked Irish Cheddar, gherkin, mustard mayonnaise, relish
Price: £11.50 (with fries)(Chorizo +£1.50)

Having undergone a refurbishment towards the end of 2016, we felt that it was only right to make The Cromwell Cottage our first stop in this year’s long and delicious best burger search. The first time that we have put the Cromwell Cottage’s burger to the test, our hopes were high after receiving many a recommendation to pay them a visit over 2015.

Situated in Kislingbury, the pub’s recent renovation has seen the Cromwell blend the cosiness of a traditional local cottage filled with comfortable, plush leather seating with the style and refinement of a modern gastropub. Located a short distance outside of Northampton, the pub takes its name from the somewhat controversial figure Oliver Cromwell after he and his troops were stationed in the village in 1645 prior to the Battle of Naseby. Now we have got the history lesson out the way, we can turn our attentions to something far more significant in British history; burgers.


Home-made British Beef burger

With the British Beef burger the only burger on the appetising menu, our choice was made easy. The Cromwell does however provide an opportunity to tailor your experience with a range of additional fillings, including bacon, chorizo, stilton, pulled pork or a ½ lobster tail. Excited at the chance to do our first surf’n’turf burger review for the Northampton Gent, we eagerly ordered the lobster tail. Alas fate can be a cruel mistress, with the lobster being sold out. Instead chorizo, that most delicious of spicy Spanish sausages, was to take up the mantle.

So for the first time of 2016, allow us to kick off proceedings by talking about that burger essential; the meat. The British beef patty was just what we had expected from an establishment that had garnered such a high reputation for its food in Northampton. The juicy handmade patty was well-seasoned, succulent and fresh with a flush of pink hiding inside the brown beef; everything we look for in a patty. With smoked cheddar lovingly melted over the top of the beef and a helping of flavourful but mild mustard mayo, the Cromwell has the makings of a rather special burger.

The thinly sliced gherkin and sweetish relish injected a tangy piquancy whilst the chorizo provided a salty and spicy dimension that complemented the accompanying fillings. The crusty buns managed to maintain their integrity throughout and may have been slightly dry were it not for the sauces and meaty juices involved. The only niggle was the lacklustre iceberg lettuce that seemed as out of place as a nun paying a visit to Urban Tiger. The tight and lighter coloured leaves suggest it was from close to the heart of the lettuce and cut into chunks that failed to add anything to the overall experience.

The Verdict

So was the Cromwell Cottage’s burger enough to make us want to pick up arms and start a revolution? With its opening debut to the Northampton Gent’s Burger Search, the Cromwell certainly managed to serve up a contender. With so many elements inside two pieces of bread, there is the risk that the flavours may not be able to find common ground and jostle for flavour dominance (feel free to insert a Civil War pun here). Fortunately, the balance was maintained and the result was a burger that delivered. Just as it was with the patty, the fries were crisp, fresh and predictably good.


Certainly a burger that we would be happy to follow into battle but lacking that decisive wow factor to take the five star crown. It is worth paying a visit to the Cromwell and giving it your attention.