Head Chef Adam Church in Bread & Pullet

It is safe to say there has never been a better time to be a resident of this fair town. Northampton is flourishing and thriving as new restaurants, bars and shops pop up all over; each one bringing some different and special. A shining example of this is Bread & Pullet; the latest addition to the Wellingborough Road’s culinary offering. Replacing what was once Franks Steakhouse, the new restaurant is serving incredible, British sharing dishes.

Bread & Pullet

Fully embracing the adage that ‘sharing is caring’; the Bread & Pullet aims to bring affordable and unashamedly simple British cuisine to Northampton patrons. The venture is the brainchild of head chef Adam Church – former head chef at the Swan at Lamport and Frank’s Steakhouse – his girlfriend Sophie and business partner Tom Hewer – best known as the man behind the extraordinarily successful Franks brand.

No stranger to delighting diners in Northampton, the award-winning Adam has been honing his skills for the last 12 years and it seems food at the Bread & Pullet is proving just as popular. Since its lauch towards the backend of 2015, the restaurant has seen fully booked weekends and a number of returning customers.

Bread & Pullet Restaurant Northampton Inside

Talking with Adam about the motivation behind the new venture, he explained: “The inspiration came from me and chef just getting back to basics and focusing on classic British food that is honest, tasty, no frills and purely for our guests; not for awards or critics.”

The Inside

The wonderfully elegant space reflects the restaurant’s core concept of keeping things honest and modest; no gimmicks. The space is light and airy throughout, whilst the sturdy wooden chairs and tables create a rustic, unpretentious setting. Do not mistake this simplicity for lack of personality however. There are a number of quirky details to be found throughout the Bread & Pullet sure to bring a smile to even the most stoic of gents, such as the Northamptonshire map plotting where all of the restaurant’s local suppliers are.

The Bread & Pullet Kitchen Shack

Nestled towards the back of the restaurant is the kitchen, which has been styled into a kind of shack with a tin roof and a chimney. Acting as the stage of the restaurant, two chefs work diligently in front of hungry patrons; filling the room with mouth-watering aromas of freshly cooked dishes. It is the ideal setting for spending time casually with friends and sharing the wonders the kitchen produces. Which brings us swiftly on to….

Food and drink

Bringing something wholly unique to Northampton, the Bread & Pullet is the first restaurant in Northampton to focus on offering English tapas.  Adam commented: “We wanted to show people you could eat out every night not just in special occasions and eat good fresh food, without spending a fortune.”

Bread & Pullet Northampton Delicious Scotch Eggs

The menu consists of a range of inviting dishes that use traditional English ingredients and recipes, including quail eggs, salt beef hash, toad in the hole, whitebait and more. Particularly impressive is the constantly changing specials and use of cuts & offal that were used in cooking a lot more in the past. Tongue, kidneys, heart and tripe all make a welcome appearance and gratifyingly combine the times gone by with modern dining.

With smaller plates including ‘Crispy Pork Scratchings with Apple Sauce’ for £2, small plates for just £2.50 and larger plates costing between £6-£7 – including ‘Black Pudding Scotch Egg & Chutney’ and ‘Rare Rump Steak & Pepper Sauce’ – it is easy to see why the restaurant has seen its fair share of repeat customers. And whilst Adam might claim the food is “no frills”, it hasn’t stopped the restaurant garnering quite the reputation for its sticky lamb ribs which have had gents raving about the delicious, tender meat.

The Bread & Pullet Northampton Sticky Lamb Ribs

Gent tip: We have it on good authority that the dishes are larger than you anticipate and despite warnings to order less, patrons often leave struggling to finish plates. The advice is to order few but frequently.

As previously mentioned, the restaurant also works with a number of local suppliers. The Good Loaf, Bite Me Spices, Cobblers Nibble, Replete Flatbreads and more can all be found in the restaurant, offering diners the chance to indulge in some of the finest food Northampton has to offer – something we find very admirable.

As for drinks, you can find local cider Saxby’s behind the bar and two fine British beers on tap. There is also a large selection of British spirits – Two Birds, Chase Vodka, Adnams Southwold Copper House Dry Gins – and even English wine to maintain the British theme throughout the entire dining experience.


Final thoughts

With great value matched with stylishly simplistic surroundings, we can see Bread & Pullet quickly becoming a favourite amongst Northampton diners. Taking dining back to basics and doing away with any gimmicks, the menu is adventurous and the food is unapologetically simple, honest and guaranteed to leave you both smiling and satisfied.

Whilst tapas always induces fears of small portions, the sizes are generous. Our suggestion is simple; round up a few friends for the best value, order less than you might expect and fully embrace the plethora of delightful dishes to choose from.

176 Wellingborough Road, Northampton