Where has the year gone gents and gent-ettes! Winter is on its way out; spring has sprung and here we are, telling you about ten incredible films to see at the Errol Flynn this April. As is customary, we have five big budget flicks to blow away and five incredible independents.



Anomalisa Northampton Errol Flynn Filmhouse

This remarkably touching and tender black comedy from writer and director Charlie Kaufman is one of the most unique and witty films to enter our mainstream list. Painstakingly filmed entirely in stop motion, this animation film follows a lonely, middle-aged Michael Stone (played by David Thewlis) who has become crippled by the mundanity and routine of his everyday life. That is until he meets the unassuming Lisa (voiced by Jennifer Jason Leigh) who turns his world upside down. Certainly one to put in the calendar for date night.

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Eddie the Eagle

Eddie The Eagle Northampton Errol Flynn Filmhouse

If Jamaica had a bobsleigh team, then the United Kingdom had an eagle ski-jumper. Yes, it’s the feel good comedy of the year (we love a cliché) and based on the true story of Eddie the Eagle, Britain’s underdog ski-jumper who won the hearts of the world back in the 1988 Winter Olympics. Played by Taron Egerton and with Hugh Jackman as his disgraced, former pro coach, we can’t give it too many points for originality but we are sure it will leave you smiling none the less. Now we are just curious if he will have a lucky egg to kiss at any point.

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High Rise Errol Flynn Filmhouse

Dr Robert Laing (Tom Hiddleston) moves into an isolated, luxury tower block seeking a retreat from society. Unfortunately, the good doctor finds himself drawn into the hedonistic lifestyles of the socially complex residents, where rising tensions and class struggles eventually leads to all our anarchy. Adapted from JG Ballard’s visionary novel, director Ben Wheatley’s High-Rise promises an abundance of partying, sex, booze and a general disintegration of society.

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The Witch

The Witch Errol Flynn Filmhouse

Writer and director Robert Eggers’ new horror film The Witch is sure to have you sitting at the edge of your seat. Set in New England in the 1630s, this incredible tense and terrifying horror follows an English farmer and his Puritan family as they encounter bizarre and unsettling events near their farm. Things truly become disturbing when the family believes witchcraft to be responsible and turn on each other. With an incredible score, The Witch has already earned Eggers a Sundance award and is sure to be one of the best horrors of 2016.

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Truth Errol Flynn Filmhouse

It seems Hollywood has fallen in love with gritty, real life newsroom dramas – just look at the box office and critical acclaim that Spotlight garnered. In Truth, Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford star in a… wait for it…. gritty newsroom drama based on the real-life controversy surrounding a producer and news anchors broadcast regarding George W Bush’s military service record. Based on Mary Mapes’ (Blanchett) memoir, Truth will make you question just what is journalistic integrity.

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Under the radar



Having won at the Venice and Mumbai film festivals, Court is one of the finest independent films to grace silver screens this year. This insightful Indian drama provides a quietly devastating and absurdist look at the corruption of contemporary India following a farcical court case against the ‘People’s Poet’. Using a mix of actors and non-actors and filled to the brim with authentic character, Court gives audiences a chance to fully immerse themselves in modern Indian society.

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Marguerite Errol Flynn Northampton

This endearing independent film has been a runaway success in its native France and tells the tale of Marguerite, an enthusiastic opera singer who does not realise she is completely off-key. Featuring some of the finest music composed through the ages, including Bach and Mozart, this touching and light-hearted film about chasing dreams is everything X Factor wishes it could be.

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Black Mountain Poets

Black Mountain Poets Northampton Errol Flynn

This independent comedy is filmed a bit closer to home (well, Wales) and focuses on con-artist sisters Lisa and Claire on the run. Comedy ensues when the pair decide to take refuge at a poetry retreat in the depths of the Black Mountain, adopting the identities of internationally renowned poets. Very likeable and quirky, Black Mountain Poets is a bit of an unassuming gem.

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The Ones Below

The Ones Below Errol Flynn Filmhouse

This gripping British thriller tells the story of a couple expecting their first child who befriend another couple who have moved in below them and also expect their first baby. It is not long before the couple realises the ones below (hence the title) are not quite the same as them and discover some unnerving differences that will shake the couples to their very cores.

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Mavis! Documentary Errol Flynn Northampton

In this uplifting and inspirational music documentary, audiences are given the opportunity to find out about the incredible life of gospel and soul legend Mavis Staples. Looking at her role in the civil rights movement and in her family group The Staples Singers, Mavis! features rare archive footage of her friends and discussions with contemporaries such as Bob Dylan, Prince and Bonnie Raitt. With breathtaking music throughout, this is a must watch for music lovers and well, everybody else.

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