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When it comes to the formal shoe, there are not many that do it better than Northampton. Across the world, Northamptonshire is synonymous with fine leather footwear. Churches, Grensons, Loakes, Bodileys, Crockett & Jones and more all reside within our humble county, setting shoe standards across the globe. Yes, it’s safe to say that Northampton’s gents are well catered for in the formal shoe department – but where does a gent turn to when searching for something more casual that still retains that high quality craftsmanship? Enter Northampton Sneaker Company.

Northampton Sneaker Company

Merging the world of high quality, traditional craftsmanship with a modern, laidback design, the new Northampton Sneaker Co aims to deliver sneakers that can stand the test of time. With two of the three founders having numerous years of experience designing and creating shoes, they saw an emerging demand for super-luxury sneakers and understood Northampton’s expertise in shoe-making. Knowing that no one yet had combined the two, the company was born back in March 2015 and has been crafting beautiful sneakers since.

The rise of the sneaker

Trainers are now more fashionable and popular than ever and high fashion designers have been taking note for the last few years. Following in the footsteps of world famous designers such as Giuseppe Zanotti and Tom Ford, the Northampton Sneaker Co are creating incredibly high quality sneakers that focus on understated, subtle style but use traditional crafting methods that Northampton is renowned for.

Northampton Sneaker Co NSC1

Speaking to Northampton Sneaker Co, they explained: “What makes it special is the combination of sneaker looks and instant, lightweight sneaker comfort, and the incredible ‘stitched together’ construction techniques and luxury materials that the factories of Northamptonshire use.”

What makes it high-quality?

If you are anything like us gents, then chances are you may have, at some point in your life, purchased a pair of trainers or shoes of questionable quality and had the soles leave you behind. Come across the wrong, sticky cinema floor and you can become unstuck – or you soles can at least. This is what Northampton Sneaker Co aims to address.

Northampton Sneaker Co Goodyear Welt

Produced in a Northamptonshire factory that has been creating shoes and boots in the traditional way for over 130 years, each pair is handmade and takes around 30 hours to create; going through two hundred separate operations during the sneaker’s conception.

Importantly, the sneakers are made not with glue, as is most often the way with fast fashion pieces, but instead by stitching the sole and upper together using a method known as the Goodyear Welt. Pulling the technique into the modern era, each aspect of the trainer has been sourced and crafted with quality in mind. The upper of the shoe is made from beautiful leather which is stitched to a lightweight, cushioned Vibram sole and the shoe is lined with calfskin. Also, like traditional Goodyear Welt shoes, the sneaker’s soles can be unstitched and replaced.

The NSC 1

The NSC1 focuses on a minimalist style and has taken its inspiration from Adidas’ famous Stan Smith, with a minimalist silhouette. The logo and branding is kept discreet as well – you won’t see a large tick or stripes anywhere near a pair – with the logo placed tastefully on the tongue.

Northampton Sneaker Co 3

The sneakers come in a range of different leathers – white, tan, black, oxblood – as well as a water repellent, navy blue suede and are versatile, working well with any street-style look or working at the higher end of the smart casual spectrum.

What are the plans for the future?

Speaking to the shoe-commer on the block – do you get it, new and shoe – we asked the sneaker gurus what the future holds for the company. They alluded to a possible hi-top collection, even more luxury leathers and perhaps even a cheaper model. All followed up with world domination of course. This means there is certainly a lot to look forward to from these sneaker pros.

Northampton Sneaker Co 1

Final thoughts…

The superior sneakers can be found exclusively on the Northampton Sneaker Company website and retail at £349 for the leather and £249 for the suede.

Initial reactions may see this as steep, but as the company explains: “Those of you used to buying regular sport brand trainers and watching them fall apart or wear out year in year out will simply not believe the quality of our product.” The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ springs to mind.

If you want to be able to visit a cinema without fear of leaving sole-less and own a pair of sneakers that fully embrace and celebrate Northampton’s rich heritage in quality shoe craftsmanship, you really will not find any better.