Northampton’s Cocktail Guide: Water Buffalo

When the Smoke Pit is brought up in conversation, it is usually to rave about some brilliant meat or delicious sides they have recently ate. This is inevitable; the gents know what they are doing when it comes to meat. What does not get mentioned so often however is their range of tasty and great value cocktails they serve. Well gents, that is all going to change when you catch a glimpse of their signature cocktail; the Water Buffalo.

Smoke_Pit_webWhat’s in it?

  • Buffalo Trace 30ml
  • Watermelon Syrup/liquour 20ml
  • Cranberry 150ml
  • Lime 10ml

The Smoke Pit’s signature cocktail is deceptively simple but can only be described as sublimely sweet and perfect for the summertime. Combine the Buffalo Trace, Watermelon liquour and Cranberry juice and vigorously shake. Serve it up long with lots of ice and garnish with lime. That’s it; simple and very effective.

One of the most refreshing cocktails to be found in Northampton. With warmer months coming soon, this will likely become a summer favourite; especially for those with a fondness of watermelon.
11a The Ridings, Northampton. NN1 2AQ