Staying classy at Halloween

Gentlemen, year after year, we see many a gent break the cardinal rules of gentlemanly style as Halloween approaches. That is why we at the Northampton Gent are going to make some more sartorially acceptable Halloween suggestions, looking at some of the most iconic and best dressed male icons which you can emulate this year at whichever social event is lucky enough to have you. And just like how a puppy is not simply for Christmas, these suggestions are not just for Halloween, but can work in any number of fancy dress situations. For it matters not the occasion, a gentleman has the responsibility to maintain his style.

1. Patrick Bateman

Of course Patrick Bateman is an ideal choice for every gentleman attending a party this year. He is perhaps the epitome of the perfect gentleman – excluding the murder and dismemberment. He leads a most immaculate lifestyle; sharp suits, great music collection, refined culinary palate and the finest business card we have ever laid our eyes on – apart from Paul Allen’s obviously. What makes Mr Bateman ideal for Halloween is the fact he likes nothing better than murders and executions as well (or is that mergers and acquisitions?).

Patrick Bateman

To pull of the American Psycho look, you will need the following. Wear a dark black or navy suit suit then find a set of white overalls that zip up from the front. Cover your face and the overalls with fake blood and be sure to leave the overalls open at the front so the crowd can see the stylish suit you have donned. To finish the look off, you will need the appropriate accessories. You will need an axe – preferably a toy axe – and a 80s,  yuppie hairstyle. For those of you who are willing to take it all the way, get some Patrick Bateman business cards printed; and remember, bone colouring and Silian Grail lettering.

2. Teen Wolf

Wolf masks are a common sight on Halloween. Teen Wolf however is a different story altogether. The iconic 80s ‘coming of age’ movie portrayed a friendly but nerdy teenager who wants to become a basketball player. Oh, he is also a werewolf as well – that part is kind of important to note.


This look is great for a gentleman who wants to wear more comfortable attire when attending a party, and very fortunately, the outfit fits in with our stylish suggestion of varsity jackets this Autumn – be sure to read our transitional jacket piece for more information. The basic look requires a varsity jacket (red and yellow if possible), dark blue demin worker jeans, trainers and of course, a wolf mask. To really make remain authentic to the look, acquire some fake wolf paws, basketball sneakers, wayfarers, beard and impressive chest hair.

3. Breaking Bad

We can guarantee that at one point in time, someone, somewhere, has insisted you watch Breaking Bad. We are willing to bet that now more of the population has seen the show to those who haven’t and the multi-award winning show has many a character with a distinctive look which you can replicate. Our only suggestion is not to fall to much into character; gentlemen and crystal meth labs do not really go hand in hand.


Now this outfit can be donned by yourself or you can double it up and go as a duo. First is the Heisenberg look. Walter White’s alter ego,  you can pull off the rather simple yet very effective look with minimal effort. A black jacket, a shirt, jeans and trainers are the easy bits. The more distinctive aspects of this outfit include the staple goatee and moustache, dark sunglasses and the most essential item of all; a black pork pie hat.


Now pairing the Breaking Bad look with a friend. Breaking Bad provides an acquaintance with the ideal opportunity to don the outfit of Jesse Pinkman. The Jesse and Walt combo is easy to achieve.  Both will need to wear yellow coveralls with gas masks as accessories. To be able to differentiate between Walter and Jesse, there is a need to establish some pretty unique hairstyles. Jesse will naturally have longer, messier hair whilst Walt is bald and with iconic moustache and goatee. For those who strive for authenticity, break up some candy or a clear plastic into little pieces and carry them in a small, clear bag to look like crystal meth.

4. Tyler Durden

“You’re not your job. You’re not how much money you have in the bank. You’re not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You’re not your fucking khakis. You’re the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.” But on Halloween, you can be Tyler Durden.


Tyler Durden is perhaps one of the coolest gentlemen to have ever graced the silver screen, so what better individual is there to dress up as? This look can be achieved  very simply. First and foremost, the iconic and distinguishable red leather jacket is a must. Buying a red leather jacket simply for this look might seem a bit over the top, however for those who keep up to date with our style jacket article, you will know that a burgundy leather jacket is a very worthwhile investment. Wear this with a loud, colourful t-shirt  or shirt and jeans. To complete the look, red lense sunglasses, and a messy, spiked haircut. And last but by no means least, a bar of soap – pink, preferably.

5. Ron Burgundy

Just because it is Halloween does not mean you can not dress classy. And Ron Burgundy knows classy. The legendary anchorman knows exactly what it takes to be a gentleman, whether it is apartment smelling of rich mahogany or his many leather bound books. We will simply continue like Anchorman 2 never really happened.


So if you want to be San Diego’s next star anchorman, you will need a few key character defining features. First and foremost, the moustache. Oh that marvellous moustache. The of course, is the burgundy suit. Then for the finishing touches. Learning the lingo will go a big way, with phrases such as “I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal. People know me.” Also, at whatever social gathering you are attending, be sure to be holding a scotch in your hand, because in the words of the man himself, “I love scotch. Scotchy scotch scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly.”

6. John McClane

The McClane is a timeless look. Whatever shindig you are at this Halloween, whether you are in one of Northampton’s fine establishments or the Nakatomi Plaza, the Mclane is a look that shows you are ready for action, especially should an individual called Hans turns up to spoil the party.


To get this testosterone filled look, you will need a white vest, however you will want to get it nice and dirty, like you have desperately scurrying air vents. Make sure to put some fake blood on the vest and pair with some jeans. A toy police badge hanging around your neck and a toy gun will complete the look. And a word of warning from the Northampton Gent, do not walk over broken glass in barefoot; regardless how cool John McClane made it look.

6. Tony Montana

First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women. Well actually, before all of that, you get the Hawaiian shirt. Scarface is perhaps one of the best known gangster movies of all time, showing the rise and fall of a man driven to achieve the American Dream. The Montana is a notorious look that will strike fear into anyone who tries to get in the way of that dream


So there are two ways you can achieve the Montana. The first requires a pair of beige khakis; a red, short sleeve Hawaiian shirt and a toy gun. The alternative requires a white suit, red shirt, red pocket square and black shoes. To really finish it off, grab a good sized cigar, a toy machine gun and cover your nose and philtrim with talcum powder.

7. Hugh Hefner

A look for the older gentleman enjoying fancy dress in his later years. Hugh Hefner is somewhat of a role model, showing gentlemen who to enjoy the life of luxury. If our retirement is half as enjoyable as Hugh’s, we would be some happy bunnies. Fortunately, thanks to Hugh’s rather recognisable and dapper choice of attire, he makes an ideal Halloween costume candidate.


Firstly, a velvet smoking jacket is a must. Secondly, you need black trousers. Thirdly, a pipe. And there you have it, the Hefner look. For those who take their looks seriously, you can go further by (temporarily) dying your hair grey – or if you are a silver fox then the job is done. Of course we can’t forget the famous playboy bunnies as well; however if you are unable to find any bunnies, taking a couple of stuffed, teddy bear rabbits is always an idea.

8. Pulp Fiction

“Do you know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in France?” “A royale with cheese.” And do you know what they call two dapper looking gents wearing black suits and holding pistols in France? No, neither do we, but we do know in England they are called the envy of every other male at whatever party they attend. This is because they will be dressed as the iconic duo from Pulp Fiction; Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield.


This is a look which can be created solo but is far more potent as a duo. Two slim fit black suits and skinny black tie combos are the essentials. Each person will need to tailor their hairstyles as well. For Vincent, you will need longer wet mullet, look hair. For Jules, you will need an afro and a certain ‘Bad Mutha…’ wallet.

9. Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is a Spielberg classic and a character that is instantly recognisable. Normally dressing up as an archaeologist might not sound like the most exciting costume, but as well all know, Indy is not any old archaeologist, and you will need some pretty specific gear to pull of this look.


Start with a wide brim fedora. This needs to be complimented with a vintage look, brown leather bomber jacket over a stone or tan safari shirt. Dark tan military style trousers and boots will finish the look off. If you want to go that bit extra, a whip will really make you stand out.

10. Alan

Arguably the most memorable member of the Wolfpack, Alan is the man that inspired so many gents to take an adventure of a lifetime to Vegas. Sure, you may not be going to Vegas this Halloween, but with this outfit, you will be bringing a little bit of Vegas to wherever you go.


This can be achieved by wearing casual clothes. Trainers, jeans, aviator sunglasses and a t shirt slightly too tight will be the bare basics. A bit of a belly is a help, so if you do not have one, use some padding. Beyond this, a thick, overgrown beard and hair will go a long way to getting the look right. For the pièce de résistance, you need to wear a baby carrier with a baby doll placed inside for great visual effect.

We want to know…

Gents, we hope you follow our advice and do Halloween classy this year. If however, you know any iconic gentleman we have missed or have alternative costume ideas lined up, we want to hear them. Let us know in the comments below.