Be gin it to win it

Waner Edwards Northamptonshire Gin

Gents, a few weeks ago you may recall the Haycock and Tailbar gin evening hosted by Warner Edwards gin and ran in association with yours truly. 5 lucky individuals won the opportunity to take a special someone with them to ultra cool cocktail bar and restaurant and indulge in some of the finest gin ever made. The lucky competition winners were treated to the entire Warner Edwards’ gin range, including their Harrington Dry, Elderflower and Sloe gins as well as having a number of cocktails specifically made to exploit the wonderful gins by the masterful mixologist. Now we know right now you are more likely than not kicking yourself for not entering the competition – as well you should good sir – but fear not, the Northampton Gent team were on hand to capture images of the entire night and to sip a cocktail or two – for review purposes only of course.

Gentlemen enjoying Northampton gin

The gins and the cocktails

If you are unaware as to the brilliant Northamptonshire produced gin that is Warner Edwards, then we have an article for you to read before you continue. The artisan gin is distilled by long time friends Tom Warner and Sion Edwards at their Harrington farm and is still a newcomer to the industry at just 2 years old. Having won a whole host of awards for their gin, the small distillery is going from strength to strength.

Warner Edwards Gin Evening

Warner Edwards currently produce 3 types of gin which all attendees had the chance to taste neat before being  given  a special cocktail suited to each individual gin.

The Harrington Dry Gin and Smoked Martinez

The Harrington Dry gin was spicy and warm and very smooth, with strong notes of coriander and cardamom.

Smoked Martinez at Haycock and Tailbar

The geniuses at the Haycock and Tailbar used the Harrington Dry gin to create a smoked Martinez. The Martinez is classic cocktail and the predecessor of the Martini. Combining the Harrington Dry gin with lillet rouge and martini rosso, the bartenders at the Haycock and Tailbar produced a delicious cocktail to kick of proceedings.

The Elderflower Gin and the “5 Springs Sour”

The second gin to make the rounds was Warner Edwards elderflower expression. The gin is distilled during the summer months from locally sourced elderflowers from the hedgerows surrounding the farm. This extremely fragrant gin has the same signature smoothness as the Harrington Dry. It is sweeter than its Harrington Dry cousin, with the scent of elderflower being prominent and strong notes of ginger and lemon. The best way to describe it really is as having a taste of a summer evening.

The WE 5 Spring Sour Gin

The second cocktail made by the good folks at Haycock and Tailbar was their unqiue gin sour called the “5 springs sour” due to the five springs at the Harrington Farm which adds so much to the spectacular gin. The cocktail was made using homemade apple shrubs and was a personal favourite of ours – we certainly recommend giving it a try if you visit the cocktail room.

The Sloe Gin and Sloe Gin Fizz

Last but by no means least was the Warner Edwards Sloe gin. The sloe infused version was exceptionally fruity and sweet, as well as extremely smooth and could be drank and enjoyed completely neat.

WE Sloe Gin Fizz

The accompanying cocktail was a sloe gin fizz, which the cocktail masters created using vanilla soda, kiwis, vermouth marshmallows (yes, you read correctly, vermouth marshmallows) and of course the sloe gin.

What is coming next?

When is the next cocktail night at the Haycock and Tailbar? A question that has been asked many a time. How can we partake in these most marvellous of events and be awarded incredible cocktails? Good questions. Well we are happy to announce the next night will take place on Tuesday the 16th of September good ladies and gentlemen. How can you get some golden tickets so that next time it will be you sampling the finest cocktails Northampton has to offer? Well, that is simple, enter the competitions and then keep those fingers crossed. The next competition will begin on 5th September. In the meantime, check out the rest of the images below of the cocktail night and start picturing yourself in these good folks position.

Northampton Gent Event at Haycock and Tailbar

On a side note, a huge thank you to both the Haycock and Tailbar and Warner Edwards for an incredible night!