So with Christmas around the corner, many loved ones will be running around, fretting over what gifts to get you. Fortunately, the Northampton Gent is on hand to help guide them, ensuring you get the most stylish gifts this Christmas. Simply make sure to strategically leave this page open where those nearest and dearest to you can ‘stumble’ across it. Then all you have to do is be pleasantly surprised on Christmas morning.

So without further ado, here is the Northampton Gent’s Christmas wishlist.

Ted Baker Bixbe Textured Jersey Blazer

Ted Baker Blazer
Ted Baker: Bixbe Textured Jersey Blazer

This beautiful, navy blue blazer from Ted Baker is crying out to be worn on New Years. The thick, textured jersey material will give protection against the cold and keep you looking stylish into 2014 and beyond.


Church’s Grafton Burgundy Crup

Church's Burgundy Crup
Church’s Grafton Burgundy Crup

Northampton’s rich and proud heritage in quality shoemaking was established in the medieval times and is still widely considered the place for high quality shoes today. One of the town’s most famous manufacturers is Church’s, which went from being a family owned, craft workshop into a world icon for luxury men’s footwear. There is surely no better or more appropriate gift  for a discerning gentleman of Northampton than a pair of Church’s Grafton Burgundy Crup; a beautiful display of the quality, heritage and style that resides in the town.


Calvin Klein CK Eager

Calvin Klein CK Eager Watch
Calvin Klein: CK Eager

For every discerning gentleman, what you wear on your wrist says a lot about you. The practicality of a watch may be somewhat diminished with smartphones, tablets, iPods and the host of other devices we use in our day to day life which all accurately display the time; however this does not take way from the impact that a watch can give to your style. The right timepiece around your wrist can speak volumes. Whilst personal taste has a lot to play with your watch selection, a personal favourite of ours is the beautiful CK Eager, with its black leather strap connected by chrome screws. Subtle and stylish.


Balvenie 14 Year Old / Caribbean Cask

The Balvanie 14 years Caribbean Cask
The Balvanie 14 years Caribbean Cask

Perhaps one of the most insightful quotes ever to be ushered in human history came from the mouth of a simple anchorman, Ron Burgundy: “I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly…” OK, so maybe “in human history” was a slight exaggeration, but still, we share Ron’s sentiments and we adore the Balvenie 14 year old Caribbean Cask.  Matured in traditional oak whisky casks for 14 years, the whisky is then wonderfully finished in ex-rum casks. But not just any old rum casks – Malt Master David Stewart filled these casks with his own original blend of West Indian rums to ensure the whisky adopted just the right flavours. Magnificent. The only problem you will have with this whisky is trying to make it last.


St Giles Cheese Port & Stilton Giftbox

St Giles Cheese Port & Stilton Giftbox
St Giles Cheese Port & Stilton Giftbox

What gentlemen among us is not fond of cheese?! Whilst perhaps not the first choice for the lactose intolerant gent, this Port and Stilton giftbox from local, family run St Giles Cheese in Northampton is a true homage to fromage. The shop offers a range of bespoke hampers & cheese boxes containing the finest quality artisan products from just £20.00. This classic Port & Stilton giftbox contains half a kilo of Colston Basset Stilton, a 2000 vintage Colheita tawny port by Krohn, the best handmade oatcakes you’ll taste and a jar of Chutney made in the Cotswolds.