Good sirs, we know that a gentleman’s attire always has to be flawless; he always needs to be mindful of the details. Each and every aspect of his outfit needs to work together and it is those small finishing touches that set apart the sartorially gifted gent from the stylishly hopeless. And nothing finishes off an outfit quite like the perfect tie. Ties have the ability to completely transform the look of an entire outfit and act as the central point that pulls an outfit together. The question is however, what tie should you go for? There are a plethora of ties available, from your indie, skinny ties to that ghastly, thick polyester tie with the terrible pattern you borrowed from your Dad. Well fear not, for we are on hand to give you the gents a guide on how to go against the grain and incorporate knitted ties into your look.

Navy blue polka dot tie
Blue polka dot tie. Source:

Knit Ties

If you are looking for something a little different to the classic silk tie then take a look at knitted ties. Knitted ties have increased in popularity over the last few seasons and many designer brands are now offering a number of knit ties in their collections.

Knit ties are a tube of knitted silk made with neither folds nor a lining like regular ties. They are typically unlined and usually have a square end. Their history is rooted in the American “Ivy League” style dating back to the 1950’s. Knit ties are incredibly versatile; they can be worn for formal occasions but also work extremely well with casual outfits.

Navy and burgundy knit tie
Navy blue and burgundy knit tie. Source:

Knit ties add a touch of subtle sophistication to any outfit which they are worn with, due to their unusual fabric and texture. For those of you who work in an office environment, the standard silk tie can be dull and homogenous; everyone has one. A knit tie however is perfect as acting as a statement piece that draws attention of colleagues without being garish. It allows gents to maintain a professional appearance without looking overly conservative or boring. The knit tie also lends itself to casual looks, having a transformative effect on a chinos and blazer combination. Due to its textured look and feel, the tie also works well with patterned types such as tweed jackets whereas a standard tie has the potential to look out of place. It is also important to mention that for the gent that has to often travel, knit ties are a great travel companion as they do not crease.

Knit tie and tweed Jacket
Knit tie w/ tweed jacket. Source:

Colours and Patterns

If you are overwhelmed with the choice of knit ties that are available then consider opting for solid colours such as navy blue or burgundy, which can be worn with a wide range of outfits.

silk knit tie
Drakes. Red Silk Knit Tie, £95.00. Source:
Navy Knit Tie, £39.00. Source:
Suit Supply. Navy Knit Tie, £39.00. Source:
Black Knit Silk Tie, £25.00. Source:
Wood’s of Shropshire. Black Knit Silk Tie, £25.00. Source:

A general rule to follow is the more neutral the colour, the more adventurous you can afford to be you’re your shirts. If on the other hand you opt for a patterned knit tie, then keep your shirt as simple as possible, such as white and pale blue or grey. Remember in this case the tie is the statement piece so let it do the talking.

red and black knit tie
Wood’s of Shropshire. Red & Black Horizontal Knit Tie, £25.00. Source:
Gieves and Hawkes knit tie
Gieves & Hawkes. Pink Knit Tie, £85.00. Source:

Despite what some say, knit ties can be worn throughout the year rather than just the winter months. Consider wearing muted, darker shades such as navy, brown and green in the autumn and winter and choosing brighter shades such as orange, red and yellow during the spring and summer months.  They are perfect when worn casually with jeans and a blazer. If you feel particularly adventurous, try a bold pattern with a suit.

Solid colours and horizontal stripes are some of the most popular knit tie patterns. Personally we are partial to donning horizontal stripes to simple shirts, with the tie adding a level of depth and volume to outfits and make them more visually appealing.


Gieves & Hawkes. Black and Grey Knit Tie, £85.00. Source:
TM Levin. Blue Navy Stripe Knit Tie, £35.00. Source:

Final Thoughts

Knit tie prices range between £15 anywhere up to £100 and beyond. Woods of Shropshire is a great place to start your search as they have a wide variety of styles, from conservative to bold designs at affordable prices. Drakes also hold a wide range of knit ties at very high quality. It is important to note that when purchasing your knit tie, do not underestimate the need for quality. When it comes to size, knit ties tend to work best with a narrow width of 2 to 2.5 inches; however wider knit ties of 3.25 inches are available which work well with double breasted suits and for gents with a wider chest.


Knit ties are a brilliant way to stand out from the crowd and show your sartorial credentials. They work incredible well in a range of environments, from office to bars and will give your look an edge that just cannot be achieved with the standard silk tie. If you are yet to own one, we suggest opting for a nice solid colour to start off with; think navy blue, burgundy and black. These colours are easy to incorporate with your existing outfits. If you have already made an investment into some knit ties (smart move to you good sir) then push the boundaries and experiment with different patterns.

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