Spring/Summer belts Highsnobiety
Anderson’s for Le Berlinois Belt Collection. Source: Highsnobiety

With the summer months here and a imminent heatwave on the way, it is high time you start thinking about adding accessories to your wardrobe which compliment the warmer weather. Accessories provide an excellent opportunity to add a personal touch to your outfits and the incorporate bolder colours in a subtle manner.  Many people make the mistake of over complicating their outfits by introducing too many accessories however we believe in the mantra that less is more. When it comes to accessories, it is best to keep things simple. One of the most overlooked accessories is the belt; partly owing to how they are worn virtually every day and usually in conservative outfits required for work. There are a huge number of different belts out there, some of which are capable of transforming an outfit and injecting a touch of style.

The look

pocket square summer belt

The example above shows how to effectively combine different accessories to effortlessly achieve a stylish look. By matching the navy and red belt with the blazer and pocket square combination, this gent has injected a bold colour into his outfit which does not look out of place. The bracelet brings an informal flair to the outfit, creating the ideal casual outfit.

Guide to men’s spring/summer belts

Firstly, belts should not be worn to hold your trousers, jeans or chinos up. This would indicate that your trousers do not fit properly and may warrant a trip to a tailor or trying a smaller size. A belt should be worn to compliment your outfit and make a statement. The colour of your belt in our humble opinion should match that of your shoes. If you are wearing brown shoes ensure that your belt is a similar shade of brown. However, like all aspects of fashion and style, there are no strict rules and this advice does not apply in all cases.  For example, you would not be expected to wear multicoloured shoes to match your belt.

M&S Plaited square buckle belt
Plaited Square Buckle Stretch Belt with Linen, £17.50. Source: M&S Collection

Treat your belt purchases as an investment. The more expensive belts will be made of higher quality materials and will therefore last longer and look fresh for years to come. Cheaper belts will stretch and wear out with regular use.

Charles Tyrwhitt Navy Multi Stretch Belt
Charles Tyrwhitt. Navy Multi Stretch Belt, £34.95. Source: ctshirts.co.uk

The spring/summer months are perfect for wearing belts which make a powerful statement. There are a huge range of options available to you, such as single solid colours or patterns. Try to match the belt with the rest of the outfit otherwise you will run the risk of it looking out of place. The belt should draw attention for the right reason. Choosing a colour that jars against the rest of your outfit can produce a mismatch. A similar approach to wearing ties can be taken for example. If the belt has leather ends or buckle straps, then match that colour with the colour of your shoes, tie or another part of your outfit.

Woven belts are an ideal choice as they are available in wide range of colours and are perfect for the  spring/summer months. These belts are both bright and stylish which will ensure that you draw a lot of the right attention to your outfits. A personal favourite are woven belts from Anderon’s whose belts are made by an expert craftsman and finished by hand. Woven belts look great when worn with chinos and shorts.

Anderson's woven belt
Anderson’s. 3.5cm Leather-trimmed elasticated woven belt, £65. Source: mrporter.com

Another style of belt which is worth taking a look at are polo belts. These are traditional Argentinian belts which have become popular amongst polo players throughout the world. They are available in a huge range of bright colours and can be worn with jeans, chinos and shorts. Manufactured in Argentina and retailing at £33.00, these are the perfect addition to any outfit.

polka dot pie polo belt
Polka Dot Pie. Lucia Polo Belt, £33.00. Source: polkadotpie.co.uk

Final thoughts

Do not underestimate the impact which a belt can have on your outfit. It is definitely not worth skipping over them when it comes to creating an outfit. Don’t be afraid of using belts as a way injecting colour and personality; just be sure that you use colours that complement. There are a huge range of belts available so you should almost certainly find one which will suit your style perfectly.

So gentlemen, with summer just round the corner, we’d love to hear your opinions on how you wear your belts.
What colours do you wear?
Do you prefer leather or woven?
As always, let us know below.