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In 2014 gents, we began the long, arduous and delicious quest for Northampton’s finest burger. We saw our share of incredible and inedible burgers and had the joy of stumbling upon a few five star dishes that quite simply blew us way. That was last year however! It is now a new year and with it comes a plethora of new burgers.

The burger landscape has change immensely in Northampton. There are new competitors with new pubs and restaurants having appearing serving new burgers. Can these new kids on the burger block claim the coveted 5 stars? Are the old timers able to replicate or improve on their 2014 performance. It is all to play for!

So, without further ado, let the burger search begin anew. The road will be long and full of meaty peril, but we will find Northampton’s finest burgers for all of Northampton’s sophisticated carnivores!

The 2015 Burger Contestants:

The Smoke Pit Burger Review

The Charles Bradlaugh Burger