What is the Northampton Gent?

Slightly scratch beneath the surface of Northampton and you will find that there is a plethora of hidden gems with their own style and charm for the modern gentleman. Where the problem lies is that it is not always easy to discover these pearls. What is needed is a friend in the know. Someone who can direct you to the finest restaurants, trendiest bars, latest events and provide the advice and tips needed to ensure that when you arrive, you are the most stylish gent there. That is where we come in. The Northampton Gent is the definitive guide to fashion, style, food & drink, nightlife and music in Northampton. We are a gentleman’s lifestyle blog, keeping you well informed and in the know.

We are here to reveal the hidden gems that Northampton has to offer the modern gent and provide news, reviews, interviews, tips and recommendations that will help ensure that modern men are frequenting the best establishments, eating the best food and are the best dressed there. Our team are busy searching all Northampton has to offer and are always interested in working with local businesses and brands that will be of interest to you. Our writers are a mix of experts and enthusiasts in their fields who all take time out of their busy schedules to write, research and contribute to the Northampton Gent on the latest trends and goings on that impact you.

So if you are the kind of man who is concerned with how he looks, how his steak is cooked and what gin has been used in his Tom Collins then you have come to the right place.