The age old adage is that a gentleman never tells. Unfortunately we cannot live by such a mantra as there is so much Northampton has to offer to modern gentlemen that it simply must be told. Whilst we endeavor to provide as much information to our fellow gentlemen as possible, we have a code by which we live, write and die by.

The Gentleman’s Code

1. All our reviews and recommendations are made by members of the Northampton Gent team and are our true, honest and own opinions and views.
2. In the event the Northampton Gent undertakes any advertising, commercial offers or partner emails we will always ensure that this content is very loud and clearly marked as such.
3. The Northampton Gent team will only ever write, review and recommend things that we are fond of, interested in or genuinely enjoy.
4. The Northampton Gent team is interested with working with exceptional local brands and businesses whose values, products or services are consistent with the website and of interest to our readers.
5. From time to time, the Northampton Gent team may request information from our readers, such as signing up for our newsletter. This information is handled with the utmost care and will never be sold or distributed to any third parties. There is nothing gentlemanly about spam.
6. The Northampton Gent team are happy to receive any information on events, products or services and is happy to receive samples to review however it is not a explicit guarantee that a review will be created having sent this information or sample in.
7. Where imagery has been used which has not been taken by ourselves, we always endeavor to find the owner and request explicit permission to use and provide full details of where the image was sourced. If any image has been used where incorrect accreditation has been given, it was a mistake made with best intentions and we are happy to either provide correct credit or remove from the site.
8. All content has been created with the intention to inform, entertain and provoke thought. We take particular care to ensure that any content posted does not cause offence to any readers and if offence has been caused, we are happy to discuss the offending article and amend as appropriate.
9. Any correspondences the Northampton Gent team send out promoting any products, events or services have been carefully selected by a member of the Northampton Gent team and picked strictly because we believe it will be of interest to you.

In return for us upholding our gentleman’s oath of honor, there are some gentlemanly terms and conditions by which using the Northampton Gent site you hereby agree to.

Terms and Conditions

1. If you provide us with your email address, or have done so in the past, you consent to us sending you information by e-mail.
2. You will not copy and use any articles or our logo without first getting our written consent.
3. When commenting on any articles, you ensure to maintain behaviour befitting that of a gentleman. If we feel that your conduct is in breach of this, we will remove the offending comment.
4. Where we have reviewed or recommended a product, we are writing from our own personal opinions and do not take responsibility for any product or service issues that may arise from the use of the product. Responsibility lies solely with either the manufacturer or retailer.
5. The Northampton Gent reserves the right to modify the terms of this gentleman’s agreement at any time and it is your responsibility to stay abreast of changes that may have been made.

Now that rather unsavory business is out the way, please enjoy the site and let us know if you have any questions regarding either our oath to you or the terms and conditions.


The terms and conditions of our competitions are as stated unless otherwise specified:

  • Only one entry is permitted per household and no bulk or third party entries are permitted
  • No purchase is necessary
  • Competitions are open to UK residents only
  • Entrants must be aged 18 and over
  • Proof of entry will not be accepted as proof of receipt of entry
  • If the Northampton Gent run a competition or promotion where that promoter is responsible for the provision of the offer or prizes then the Northampton Gent will not be responsible or liable for fulfilment of the prizes
  • The Northampton Gent reserves the right to substitute the stated prizes with alternative prizes of a broadly equivalent value. The Northampton Gent will not offer cash alternatives for non-cash prizes and prize winners must accept prizes in the form offered
  • Prizes are non transferable and non refundable
  • The closing date for entries is stated individually for each competition. Eligible winner(s) are drawn at random and will be notified via phone or email within two weeks of the closing date
  • All competition entries will be kept on a database and shared with competition partners only for competition analysis and for the distribution of prizes unless you specifically allow data to be shared. This is the only occasion when the Northampton Gent will share information with a third party but information will not give the third party permission to contact you unless you have specifically opted in. The Northampton Gent takes the handling of your data seriously and ensures to maintain the policies stated in our oath
  • By entering competitions with the Northampton Gent, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.
  • You also agree to co-operate in any publicity that may arise which may include your image or name being used on website, magazine and social media channels as a result of the competition
  • We reserve the right to disqualify a prize to an entrant who the Northampton Gent believes has not entered into the spirit of these terms and conditions or the spirit of the competition
  • By entering Northampton Gent competitions, you are agreeing to receive correspondences from the Northampton Gent. If you would like to opt out of receiving correspondences from the Northampton Gent then please email ‘TNG No More’ to