The search for Northampton Best Burger

Bryant McGill told us to “subdue the ravages of the baser-self” and as gentlemen this is what we do. We are courteous, polite, refined and stylish. But sometimes we must accept that our baser-self will come roaring out, and nothing will induce this more than a good burger.

That’s right, a burger revolution is upon us. What was once seen as greasy, cheap, fast food cuisine is now becoming more and more a fine dining experience. Over recent years, diners have been introduced to a variety of exciting new flavours. No more grease laden slabs of poor quality meat with some plastic cheese, onions and ketchup.  Quality meats, adventurous in-house sauces and superb buns mean that burgers are now a popular dining choice for the modern gentleman wanting to get in touch with their inner troglodyte.

When we are presented with a beautiful grilled meat patty placed between two pieces of artisan bread, it is hard not to want to grab a club, revert back to grunts and find a cave. We at the Northampton Gent are hunting for Northampton’s finest burgers. We want something that, if not just for a moment, will take over our senses and throw us into the ravenous carnivores we are.

It will not be an easy task, but finding the best in show never is. We will scour Northampton, requesting the finest burgers restaurants have to offer and inform you where to go to find your baser-self.

Let the burger quest commence.

franks hamburger house burger

bootleggers burger

old house


mailcoach burger

charles bradlaugh burger

garibaldi hotel burger