How many of you are sitting and racking your brains with the question, ‘what am I to do with myself on the 27th March? What exciting and unique activity am I going to undertake to make that Thursday night unforgettable?’ OK, so probably none of you, but we still have something to turn a mundane Thursday evening into something rather remarkable. Of particular interest to the gents out there with a love for the beautiful game, Aspers Casino is set to host an exciting evening of entertainment with football legend Kevin Keegan.

Kevin Keegan Aspers Casino

Keegan, also affectionately known in Germany as Mighty Mouse, was one of the most famous players of the 70s and 80s, with an illustrious career that saw him play at the highest level of English and German football with Liverpool and Hamburg SV, as well as an international record of 21 goals and 63 caps for England. Remembered for his somewhat distinctive choice of poodle perm hairstyle (our style editor still shudders at the thought), Keegan went on to manage Newcastle United, Fulham, Manchester City and England.

Kevin Keegan at Hamburg
Our style editor was in a slight state of distress after seeing the perm

The evening with Kevin Keegan is to be the third event in Aspers’ ‘Big Show Extravaganza’, which has seen the casino host a range of interesting performances including Burlesque and The Rat Pack. The night will see Keegan open with an intriguing talk about his incredible career, both as a player and as a manager. The icon was one of football’s first superstars; with a playing career that saw him win the First Division title three times, the FA cup, European Cup, European Footballer of the Year, Bundesliga title and UEFA Cup twice. With so many cups and titles under his belt, the talk will certainly make for some interesting listening.

After hearing from the legend himself, attendees will get to sit and break bread with Keegan, enjoying a three course dinner and having a photo with him. The evening is finished off with a question and answer session where guests will have the opportunity to talk with Keegan about his time on the pitch, his experience as a topflight manager and his choice of 70s hairstyle.

Kevin Keegan, former England manager

Guests can enjoy the evening with Kevin Keegan for £60 per person.

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