The last bank holiday weekend of the summer is quickly approaching our dearest gents and with it, one last opportunity to take in summer sunshine for three blissful, uninterrupted days. The question is however, what shall you be doing? If you uttered phrases such as the dreaded ‘DIY’ then we beg of you to hear us out and reconsider. The good men and women at the Garibaldi Hotel are running what is looking to be the mother of all cider festivals this coming weekend, known as ‘Cidergeddon’.

Now we can not say with any guarantees that this will be the cider festival to end the world but what we can say is this; if this is the cider festival that brings the apocalypse, we do not want to miss it! And think about it, would you rather face the end of times with a cider in hand or a screwdriver and a set of impossible IKEA instructions?

The Garibaldi Drinking Area

From the 22nd August to the 25th August, Northampton’s first craft beer pub are turning their attention to bringing the finest ciders that the UK has to offer to the fine ladies and gentlemen of Northampton. And for those of you who may not be cider crazy, the pub has many a different tipple on offer to keep you merry over the long weekend. Two that deserve special mention includes a Brooklyn Beer IPA and a Meantime Wheat beer we would certainly recommend you experiment with (we tried replacing our morning Weetabix with the Meantine Wheat Beer but found the effects were not quite the same).

So three days of cider induced good times to see out the last of the summer months; who can say no to that? Stay posted for more information on what ciders the Garibaldi Hotel will be serving over the bank holiday.

The Garibaldi Hotel cider festival