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Male grooming. Source: theparkhairdressersandbeauty.co.uk

To the modern gentleman, how we look is important. Now this is not to be confused with vanity or narcissism and we are not suggesting that any gentlemen out there should walk around holding a phone at arms length regularly snapping selfies of themselves. No, what we mean that a refined gentleman always takes utmost pride in their appearance. His appearance should radiate an air of sophistication, style and confidence. On this site, we point out the different trends and styles that will help a gentlemen achieve this, however, this time we have gone to the professionals to get some invaluable tips for how a gent can look his best. The fine folks at Outcast – one of Northampton’s finest hair salons – have given us their specialist hints and tips on male grooming to ensure we continue to look our best.

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Outcast’s Male Grooming tips

The men’s grooming industry has grown 70% in the last 5 years, leaving a huge market of miracle promising products and tools for you to feel completely confused about which ones will best suit you.

The launch of various male sitcoms (mad men springs to our mind) and rise in old school barbering trends are opening up a whole new revolution in male grooming. Beards are big, hair is faded to almost skin on the back and sides whilst the top is slicked backed and coiffed/sculpted into shape. It’s a great time to play and experiment with your style – dressing it up or down.

It may be superficial, but it’s a reality — people look at you, and in an instant you are judged based on the way you look. You could be crazy rich, but if you’re dressed like a bum, food stains and all, you will be perceived accordingly. That’s why it is important to look your best whenever you go out or have company.

At Outcast over 30% of our guests are male and quite often know what they like but just need some fine tuning on their existing style to detail it.

“Tailor your facial hair to suit you”

Gone are the days when clean-shaven was the only way to look well groomed.

Some of the most stylish, sophisticated and well-respected businessmen are adopting a more rugged approach to facial hair and from bar to boardroom facial hair/stubble is no longer seen as scruffy.

suit beard combination vogue
Hermés Fall/Winter Collection. Source: vogue.it

If un-cared for, stubble can make you look rough or haggard; but on the other hand if cared for it has the ability to transform a smooth baby face into something far more masculine and handsome.

To keep your facial hair in check we recommend you shave the areas outside of the natural growth of your stubble. For example – the top of your cheeks and the lower part of your neck. (This is particularly important if you have dark, tough stubble.) Remember the major trend at the moment with men’s facial hair is a ‘natural’ look; don’t try to sculpt with too much precision.

Our biggest tip for avoiding this is to use a shaving product that doesn’t lather too much during shaving so you can still see what’s underneath but ensure you still get a great razor glide.

Maintaining a short beard is all about getting a great blend – how to do this at home will involve a few key areas to change the guard length below the jaw line. When you move below your jaw line, reduce the guard to a slightly lower setting to create a blend as you head to the lower part of your neck. As you reach the Adams apple, reduce again on the guard to blend to the neck without giving a clean-shaven look completely opposing the beard.

short beard style
Shorter beard. Source: hairflips.net

If growing a longer beard, we recommend that the beard blends to your haircut – this means your sideburn area will be tapered to the haircut and to the beard – this is a job for your hair stylist/barber.

What haircut shall I get?”

Get a good haircut; one that suits both your face and your hair type.

If you are not sure what the latest fashion is or what will look good on you book an appointment at a salon, not your local barber and get advice from those in the know.

Hairdressers and barbers are not mind readers so if you have a picture of your style you want bring it with you.

Remember, just because its in fashion does not mean you have to have it! If your hair is thinning keep it short and please no comb overs!

“Detail those little extras!!!”

Ok, so it’s important that your hair looks styled and finished to give you that ‘sharp’ look, but it’s the detail in the finest things that will give you that extra edge.

First things first, check those brows – you are looking for any ones that are too long and out of place – these need to be trimmed back. Ask your stylist or barber to show you how to maintain this at home. Remember we are NOT recommending you begin a regime of waxing and shaping those brows but just keep them tidy. Also whilst we are on the subject, ear and nose hair MUST be removed but we’ll leave that one to you.

“Last but not least what product is right for me?”

The sheer abundance of grooming products available today can be overwhelming to say the least. All you want to do is look presentable, but where’s a guy supposed to start? Many men need a little help in the grooming department when it comes to figuring out which products to use, how to use them and what all those confusing ingredients mean.

At Outcast hair we will show you, which product is correct for you and how to apply it but if that’s not for you here are some simple tips we apply:

Slick back/wet look – barbering pomades will be great for you

Pompadour – medium to strong hold with a medium shine

Lived in – matte paste/matte wax

Beachy – sea spray type products work really well

Spiky look – pick a product that states STRONG generally spiking glue will be best.

If your rocking the long hair look seen on Jared Lato then our recommendation is let those locks hang loose and product free when down and use a hair spray to keep it tidy when tied back.

Jared Leto Northampton Outcast
Jared Leto ‘s long locks. Source: huffingtonpost.co.uk

When you apply your chosen product, work with generally a 20p size piece of product and rub well between both hands – apply the product from front to back and then back to front and style.

We know you can’t see the back of your hair but everyone else can so make the style count even in the back.

“Where to start?”

With this article, we are offering every gent who reads it the opportunity to receive one of our male grooming services (includes consultation, wash, cut and style) for £20 at Outcast hair. Please QUOTE “Northampton Gent” when booking (note: offer is no longer valid)

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