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Whilst writing this article, the UK is currently in winter’s grip. With snow, ice and frost being a common sight, there seemed like no better time to prepare an article on some of the key transitional trends leading you from the darkness of winter to spring/summer 2015. We know, we know, spring/summer seems like a lifetime away, especially as you scrape away vigorously at the ice on your windscreen each morning, but believe us; it is closer than you think and we want you to be prepared.

To ensure you are ready, we have picked out 3 key trends that will play a big part in the spring/summer looks of 2015.


“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something red.” Wait, that doesn’t sound quite right. Oh well, it’s not important; what is important is ensuring you have some key red pieces ready for this spring/summer. A number of design houses – including the likes of Burberry and Dolce & Gabanna – heavily focused on the use of red in their collections and we are confident this will become a key colour in the coming months.

Red SS Design Styles

Now when it comes to our style advice, we like to advise gents to look at the long term. Trends come and go, but fundamental style is timeless. So when we talk about colours, we often point to shades and tones that are more muted or neutral. Red is neither of these. It’s bright, bold and attention grabbing. This makes it the perfect colour to use for statement pieces that can be incorporated with your more mutual outfits.

Don’t go overboard. Red is strong enough to grab attention with just a splash injected. What is wonderful about red is that when employed correctly, it can instantly impart life and vibrancy into both casual and formal looks. Whether it is a bright red sweater sitting under a navy blazer and a pair of cream chinos or a pair, a red pocket square or a bright red knit tie, the colour will certainly act as a piece to grab attention.

When it comes to what shade of red to go for, we would suggest not being timid. Think bright and vibrant rather than muted and pale to ensure that the colour has the full impact.

Fresh Prints

Similar to how we lean to more muted, neutral tones of colour in our style musings, we traditionally have steered clear of overly colourful and elaborate prints. This seems to be one of those inescapable trends that have become a regular in designers’ collections over recent years and are cannot simply be disregarded. With the return of the somewhat psychedelic paisley print to colourful floral patterns and a variety of designers taking different approaches to their prints, from the elaborate designs of Katie Eary to the more intricate prints of Markus Lupfer, this spring/summer looks set to be awash with prints.

Mens SS Prints Collections

How to incorporate prints into your look depends on the occasion. For formal looks, think less is more. Similar to red, use it sparingly on key, statement pieces to stand out against your classic styles. Pocket squares, ties and socks are all ideal for introducing some colour to your outfits without having the prints takeover the entire outfit. To really be on trend, try incorporating some bright red prints into your outfit.

With casual looks, you can let the prints play a bigger role. There will be no end of designs and patterns to choose, both in high end and high street retailers, so you will not be left wanting. When it comes to wearing it in a casual setting, let the print do the talking. Whether it is a pair of floral shorts or a bright, floral shirt, match it with subtle items that fall into the background. Let the print be the star of the show. We would also recommend limiting colourful print pieces to one per outfit. Going overkill will leave your outfit looking busy and colours looking confused. For the warmer, late spring/early summer months, try pairing a floral shirt with beige chino trousers and light tassel loafers or white chino shorts with white plimsolls or sandals.

Double Denim

Let us stop you there. We are acutely aware of the social style stigma that surrounds double denim but this it is set to be a big trend of 2015 and, when done right, can look absolutely great. This look was championed by many top designers in their spring collections, including sartorial geniuses Tom Ford and Kenzo Takada.

This celebration of denim is perfect for the coming spring/summer, mainly because of how versatile denim is. It is easy to incorporate into a multitude of different looks and can be layered easily and is lightweight enough not to be uncomfortable when warmer weather ensues.

Men's spring summer double denim inspiration

Before you go running off looking at that cover of B*Witched for some double denim inspiration, let us impart some gentlemanly wisdom. It is important to understand just how to pair denim. Due to its very nature, denim is never going to be a formal piece for gents, however it is perfect for casual and smart casual looks.

Going double denim does not simply mean grabbing any pair of jeans and a denim trucker jacket. This season will see a wide variety of pieces adopting denim, including shorts and blazers. For inspiration, try playing with different colours and shades and when it comes to the cuts, stick to slim and straight cuts. To keep in with the informal style, stick to subtle trainers or opt for boots to maintain that workman motif. Importantly, do not go over the top and stick to darker hues if you decide to go for the same colour up top and below. Try introducing other key pieces into your look to help soften the amount of denim, such as waistcoats, jumpers and blazers. A brilliant example of this can be seen in Tom Ford Spring collection, which truly provides a masterclass on how to double up on denim.

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