A night of cocktails, caviar and revelry

The Haycock and Tailbar Bar

So, as you undoubtedly aware, the Haycock and Tailbar, in association with Beluga Vodka, ran their first cocktail night in our good town and the Northampton Gent team was given exclusive access to partake in all the vodka soaked wonders in order to report back to you, our dear gent. Many of you entered the competition but there were only so many golden tickets to go around; however this will just be the first of many so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our next events.

For now, let us regale you with tales of cocktails, caviar and laughter. The cocktail evening was an opportunity to show how well cocktails and spirits can be paired with food. Traditionally, food is paired with wines or beers but very rarely with spirits. But Robert Zajaczkowski, Beluga’s brand ambassador and master mixologist, wants to change that and bring spirits into the mix. The cocktail master has worked on creating a menu of exclusive concoctions made especially to complement different foods. From caviar to sushi, Robert’s cocktails are all one of a kind and tailored to work with the different aspects of the dishes. As we watch him busily cutting, mixing and shaking, it is clear that this is a man who knows his cocktails.

Begin as we mean to go on

Beluga vodka and Haycock & Tailbar event

The night began with the lucky attendees ushered towards the Haycock & Tailbar’s renowned bar, where they sat and enjoyed some introductory cocktails to prepare their palates for the night to come. As attendees mixed and mingled amongst one another, Robert and Alberto – Haycock and Tailbar’s cocktail genius – busily slaved away mixing the first batch of cocktails to accompany the night’s food. Watching the two cocktail connoisseurs at work gave people a very good idea of the night they were in for. Melon, wasabi, vodka, lemons and more wore all being introduced to the ever growing list of different cocktails. It would surely be a culinary experience that not many people would be forgetting in a hurry.

The atmosphere was electric; laughter filled the air as people busily sipped and shared the range of cocktails on offer. It is this sharing that Robert really enjoys about his cocktails, bringing people together to try new flavours and have them sample new experiences.

Beluga cocktail evening at Haycock and Tailbar

As the reception came to an end, attendees were led to their tables to begin with the main event. 3 courses of small, tapas style dishes accompanied with 3 very different yet delicious cocktails all created with Beluga vodka.

Food fit for a king (and a gent)

So how do you start such an evening? What dish sets the mood? Caviar of course! The wonderfully salty fish eggs were a delight on the palate and complemented the cocktail perfectly. It is clear that Robert had done a lot of research to ensure that the cocktails were perfectly matched.

Caviar at the Haycock & Tailbar

As gentlemanly as we are, we must say that we do not indulge in caviar every Monday night. Normally because that is burger night; what we can say is that the caviar was delectable and is something we could very easily get used to.

After the caviar, Haycock and Tailbar delivered their second round of culinary delights, Atlantic prawns pan fried in homemade chorizo oil whilst Robert served up yet another delicious cocktail. The prawns had the ideal kick of heat and spice without being overly hot. To round off the night was Salmon and Avocado Sushi from Yokosomo (on Fish Street) and the final cocktail of the night. The Haycock and Tailbar’s food and the Beluga vodka went together flawlessly. Each ingredient was spectacularly fresh and specifically chosen because of their high quality ingredients.

As we looked around the room, we could see the groups sitting, socialising, sharing, tasting, trying and experimenting. A wonderful atmosphere of fun and revelry with everyone enjoying cocktails the way they are supposed to be enjoyed; sipped, savoured and appreciated.

Treading the thin gold line

Beluga gold line vodka

After the food was finished and the Beluga cocktails were all but gone, Robert took out the pièce de résistance, the Beluga Gold Line Vodka. At over £100 per bottle, we knew the guests were in for a real treat. Using a special hammer sold with the bottle to break the wax seal, Robert slowly chipped away whilst the excitement and anticipation was palpable. The experienced bartender poured the shots into glasses and passed them around the groups of attendees. Some of the party was hesitant at first at the notion of a straight shot of vodka. The idea of drinking vodka such as that of Smirnoff by itself can bring up connotations of burning throats and foul tastes; however Robert assured us that this would simply not be the case with this rare and special tipple. As the party raised their glasses to the night and sipped the Gold Line vodka, it became clear as to why Robert had such confidence in the liquor. The malt spirit is produced in Russia and fermented with natural enzymes and is made with 100% natural ingredients. Smooth and warm, the vodka was a pure delight and unlike any other vodka that we have ever tasted.

Beluga Gold Line Pour

Last but by no means least

So three courses, three cocktails and a shot of one of the most luxurious vodkas on the market, the night was over… or so we thought. The cocktail masters at Haycock and Tailbar were not finished as they jumped behind the bar and started making some of the most incredible and innovative cocktails we have ever tasted, including a sushi flavoured cocktail which used wasabi and, wait for it… a bacon and cranberry old fashioned. How is such a thing possible you ask? What amazing and incredible concoction is this that has managed to take the two most incredible ingredients known to a gent (bacon and whisky of course) and infused the two together you cry? Well, we will not give anything more away here; such a creation deserves its own article which shall be coming soon.

 Haycock and Tailbar Cocktail Mixologist

So, overall, the small group of lucky ladies and gents managed to polish off over £400 of alcohol in one boozy Monday evening. Be sure to check out the pictures below of the event and then make sure you enter the next one we do. We have to say the biggest, gentlemanly thank you we can muster for both Beluga vodka and Haycock and Tailbar. A night most certainly for the gents of Northampton.


15 Derngate, Northampton, NN1 1TY