The return of the dreaded Christmas jumper

If the prospect of being forced into wearing a Christmas themed jumper by office peer pressure or your better half has you wishing the holidays were over, fear not. No one could have guessed that this years must have Christmas item would be the dreaded Christmas jumper. They have somehow become not just acceptable, but fashionable. And the tackier the better.

Many will remember when Bridget Jones met Mark Darcy in the film ‘Bridget Jone’s Diary’; she was horrified to see him wearing a Christmas jumper. The character played by Colin Firth was in fact well ahead of his time.

Colin Firth in Bridget Jones diary. Source:
Fashion icon? Source:

In the high street demand is through the roof. Fashion chains such as Urban Outfitters, River Island and Topman stock entire ranges of the jumpers adorned with snowflakes, glitter and deer to help gentlemen get into the festive spirit. A Northampton Gent favourite is this cream reindeer roll neck jumper for £38 from Topman. Pairing the Christmas jumper with slim, blue navy chinos and brown oxford or brogue boots is the perfect way to achieve a truly Christmas look.

Topman Christmas Jumper
Topman: Cream Reindeer Roll Neck Jumper £38
ASOS Slim Chinos: £23
ASOS Slim Chinos: £23
Urban Outfitters: H by Hudson Hemming Brogue Boots: £120
Urban Outfitters: H by Hudson Hemming Brogue Boots: £120

High-end fashion designers have also got in the on the act. Stella McCartnery, Ralph Lauren and Burberry have all launched their own lines whilst celebrities such as Kanye West, Nicole Scherzinger , Kelly Rowland and Matt Damon have all been pictured displaying their love for the novelty knits.

House of Fraser: Polo Ralph Lauren Festive reindeer jumper.
House of Fraser: Polo Ralph Lauren Festive reindeer jumper. £255

The rise in popularity of Christmas jumpers can be attributed in part to hipsters. It was only a matter of time before their fondness of all things retro – riding fixed-wheel bikes, Polaroid cameras and anything with the word ‘vintage’ in – meant that the jumpers could be restyled as cool.

The Christmas Jumper has even been given it’s own day in aid of charity. Christmas Jumper Day is on Friday the 13th of December aiming to raise money for saving children’s lives. Donations can be made though So now you can be fashionable, warm and save lives. It’s win win really.

We advise that you get your Christmas jumpers as early as possible as the holiday season will see fierce demand for the popular knitwear. For those who do not want to get too carried away with their choice of winter jumper see this dark blue with red snowflakes jumper from Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters: Vintage Renewal Winter Knit Christmas Jumper: £50
Urban Outfitters: Vintage Renewal Xmas Jumper: £50

For those slightly more daring with a penchant for reindeer there is this rather fetching red jumper from Selected Homme.

John Lewis:  Reindeer Crew Neck Jumper: £45
John Lewis: Selected Homme Reindeer Crew Neck Jumper: £45

And what would Christmas be without ‘Home Alone’, that seasonal favourite film which graces our screens each December. For those who grew up watching a small boy mercilessly torture two unsuspecting crooks with an array of elaborate and well thought out traps, there is this jumper. The only condition is that when wearing this particular knit you must pull your best Macaulay Culkin facial expression in front of the mirror at least once.

Boohoo: Merry Xmas Ya Filthy Animal Jumper: £18
Boohoo: Merry Xmas Ya Filthy Animal Jumper: £18

A particularly striking Christmas jumper is this red, cream and navy blue from Jack & Jones.

Jack & Jones: Hardy Jumper: £39
Jack & Jones: Hardy Jumper: £39

So tis the season to don a Christmas jumper and become the stylish embodiment of Christmas spirit.