Michael Jordan. Dr Evil. Barack Obama. Hugh Hefner. Lara Croft. Steve Jobs. No, this is not the guest list to what would undoubtedly be the best social gathering known to man, but rather these are some of the cute, simple illustrations created by Hey studio.

hey_just people

There is nothing more the Northampton Gent team loves more than interesting pop culture references – apart from maybe a burger or an old fashioned – so when we came across this interesting collection of illustrations, we felt the need to share these with you fine gentlemen.

Barcelona-based design studio Hey has created a full range of pop culture characters using their distinctive and unique design style based around minimalism. There is always a real skill to being able to convey complex information by stripping it down to it’s essential details and the Spanish studio has done a wonderful job with these illustrations. By using geometrically clean lines and a minimal colour palette, Hey has created these cute, colourful and charming characters which they post daily on their Instagram: ‘EveryHey’.

Having launched in mid February 2014, the studio has already posted 95 of these quirky illustrations. From fictitious film and game characters to real life iconic figures, the studio covers a diverse range of people. We have picked out some of our favourites and if you would like to see the full amount of illustrations check out their instagram.

After spending a short amount of time (well a few hours) of reviewing and debating, we proudly can say with confidence we can name 80%. Can you do better?