A gentleman’s guide to wearing socks

Northampton Gent's Guide to wearing socks

Now that the summer has abandoned us and the trend of going sockless is no longer an option, a ‘how to’ guide to wearing socks seems appropriate.

We have seen countless men ruin perfectly decent outfits by wearing the wrong type of socks. Socks are an important feature to any outfit and can often add that subtle flair that will make you stand out. There are just a few rules you should follow to avoid making any sock related fashion faux pas. It is important to select socks appropriate to the occasion, for example, certain colours should only be worn with specific outfits.

White Socks

Unless you are the owner of a tobacco plantation in turn-of-the-century America, you probably don’t wear white trousers. If you don’t wear white trousers, your white socks will not match your outfits. There has been a recent movement of streetwear advocates championing white socks in casual looks however we are still firm believers that white socks should be reserved for sports alone.  And unless you are the reincarnation of the King of Pop, never should white socks be worn with a suit or smart clothing under any circumstances. There is nothing worse than seeing a perfectly decent outfit ruined by white socks. Invest in a collection of black, blue and grey socks that will match your existing wardrobe and at a push add a rich cream option as an alternative.

If you want to play it safe and opt for block colours you cannot go wrong with Uniqlo (http://www.uniqlo.com/uk/store/list/basic/men/accessoriesandunderwear/resocks).

Dress socks for dress shoes

Under no circumstances should you wear athletic socks with dress shoes. Many athletic socks are ribbed and bulky which clashes with the smooth, sleek dress shoe. By wearing dress socks with dress shoes you ensure that all attention will be focused on your feet and not on your odd sock selection.

Match your socks with your trousers

The colour of your socks should be determined by the colour of your trousers and not your shoes. Navy trousers should go with navy socks, grey trousers with grey socks, and so on. This is important as when you take your shoes off or sit down your socks will be on full view. By matching your socks to your trousers you are creating a streamlined look. Again Uniqlo offer a great range of fine cotton socks at a reasonable price.

Funky Socks

Feel free to break the third rule of matching your socks with your trousers. Choosing a sock with prints and patterns is for the gent who wants to add an aspect of creativity and individuality to his ensemble.  They look particularly good in the summer and will ensure that you stand out for the right reasons whilst wearing a subtle seasonal print in the winter will inject some festive cheer into your attire. Avoid wearing them in situations where you are required to dress conservatively, such as in the office. Funky socks can help to liven up an otherwise reserved outfit. If you are looking for a bright pair of socks pick some up from Happy Socks. They are excellent value for money and have a wide range of designs.

Happysocks Brown & Orange Argyle Socks
Happysocks Brown & Orange Argyle £8.00

Buy new socks at least once every six months

Socks are easily overlooked when it comes to replenishing them. They go through a lot of wear and tear and can easily get holes in them. This may not be an issue if you keep your shoes on and never expose your socks. However, do you really want to risk being embarrassed when you have to unexpectedly remove your socks? The story of Samy Leichti and his torn socks serves as a stark reminder as to the importance of a gentleman’s outfit being perfect in all areas. Remember, a gentleman is always stylish and is never caught out.