It seems like just yesterday we were shopping for beach wear and tank tops for those scorching summer months. But now the sun has abandoned us so the time has now come for us to start shopping for stylish accessories to keep us warm during the chilly winter season. Due to the overwhelming range of winter accessories available, we have suggested several different styles of hats, gloves and scarves to ensure that you remain looking trendy whilst waiting for the sun to return.

Ganter Men winter
Gant Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

Winter Hats

Growing up we are told that the majority of our body heat is lost through our heads. It turns out that this was one big lie. Scientists from the Centre for Health Policy at Indiana University have recently debunked this myth. The mythy originated from an US army survival manual from 1970 which strongly recommended covering the head when it is cold, since “40 to 45 percent of body heat” is lost from the head. The research at Indiana University however concluded that we in fact lose heat evenly across the surface of the body and is dependent on the amount of skin exposed.

Does this mean we should quickly discard our hats? Not at all; they still play an important role in your winter wardrobe. Hats protect your face in cold weather and can be that finishing touch needed to complete a truly inspired winter look.

Avoid bright, neon coloured hats unless you want to look like you are part of a search-and-rescue team. Bright colours such as red can be worn with some casual outfits, but for the sartorially conscious out there it’s best to leave bright red hats to gents that keep reindeer and travel up and down chimneys.

Dark, earthy colours are the most versatile – you can wear them whilst commuting to the office or evenings on the town. Black, grey, burgundy and olive colours can be worn with most gloves, jackets and scarves.

Zara Bobble Jacquard Pattern Knitted Hat: £12.99
Zara Bobble Jacquard Pattern Knitted Hat: £12.99

There are two types of hats you should look to own in these cold winter months. The more casual options such as bobbles can be worn for practical day-to-day wear whilst thinner, stiffer hats are the dressier option for commuting into work or trips to the theatre. The thicker the hat the less smart it is. Hats that cover the ears are less formal than hats that leave them bare.

Zara Chunky Knit Beanie Hat £12.99
Zara Chunky Knit Beanie Hat £12.99

Remember, when picking a style, simplicity is the key; it ensures that your hat will remain in style for years to come. A personal favourite of ours is this rather sharp sheepskin trapper hat from Paul Smith.

Paul Smith's trapper hat
Paul Smith Black Sheepskin Trapper Hat: £155.00

Protect Your Neck

No, we are not talking about Wu Tang Clan’s classic single. There is nothing worse than an ice-cold breeze on your neck. A trendy scarf will ensure that you stay warm this winter and look good at the same time. One of the most important factors in choosing a scarf is comfort and ensuring it matches with the rest of your winter clothing.

Winter accessories Zara
Zara Men’s Autumn/Winter Lookbook

A useful tip is to ensure that your accessory colours match and that you choose tones that complement each other. Earthy, more muted tones work well together. Safe choices are black, brown and grey as they match most colours. A multi-coloured scarf limits your selection of gloves, hats and jackets. Do not be afraid to keep it simple and make sure to avoid overstated clashes.

Ted Baker Winter look
Ted Baker Skipps Scarf: £45

This being said, there is no reason you can not use your scarf as an opportunity to inject some colour into your outfit, just remember to ensure that the colour choice does draw unwanted attention from the rest of your outfit and that it is inkeeping with your style.

Ted Baker Winter look
Ted Baker Ketchip Scarf: £45

Ideally purchase a scarf made of wool or cotton. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, consider a mohair scarf.

Aspinal of London Scarf
Aspinal of London Pinstripe Merino Wool Blend Scarf: £79


In cold weather it is easy for your fingers to freeze in a matter of minutes. The only way to keep them warm to is to purchase good quality gloves. Black leather gloves are easily the most versatile you can own. They are ideal for wearing to the office and do not get dirty as fast as other colours. Other fashionable glove styles include brown and light grey.

Gloves made of leather and wool offer superior comfort and will last for many years. The leather gives a classy look whilst protecting your hands from the wind and freezing temperatures. Wool is breathable and also keeps your hands warm.

Zara Man Winter Look
Zara Man Winter look: Brown Gloves

We wish you all the best this winter and remember to stay warm and stay stylish gentlemen.