Restaurant: Old House Pub & Kitchen
Address: 214-216 WellingboroughRoad, Northampton, NN1 4EE
Chosen burger: Old House Classic 8oz Cheese Burger
Consists of: Beef burger 8oz, cheddar cheese, red onion, wally pickle, tomato (additional dry-cured bacon)
Price: £8.65 (+ £1 for dry-cured bacon) (with skinny fries & coleslaw)

Our journey of burger discovery led the Northampton Gent to a somewhat new, Old House. The formerly tired Old House, found on the corner of the busy Wellingborough road, underwent a substantial refurbishment in the summer. The stylish pub and kitchen is now one of the most popular and frequented bars on the stretch of road and has been garnering a reputation in Northampton for using high quality ingredients and modern flair to bring pub classics to life. In addition to the food, the Old House can boast a decent range of craft beers (we would suggest a Brooklyn beer or Camden Pale Ale) and free Wi-Fi to top it off.

Old House Northampton Burger

Since our search began we have yet to find a burger that can turn a refined gentleman into a meet crazed carnivore; so we were excited to see if the Old House could live up to their reputation. The cosy and intimate upstairs dining area served as the ideal setting for us to lavish all of our attention on our burgers. After a tough choice between the Old House Classic Cheese Burger and the Pulled Pork Burger, we decided to stick to OH Classic.

The burger itself comes with no special surprises. A brioche bun, burger, mature cheddar cheese and salad. No experimental relishes or unusual marinades. There are no gimmicks; with the focus instead being on simplicity, which is by no means a bad thing. It was Leonardo Di Vinci who remarked that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and whilst not widely known for his pioneering work in burger design, the rule still applies.

Unsurprisingly for the stylish pub, the OH Classic was very easy on the eyes. There can sometimes be a fear that style can prevail over substance, however this was simply not the case. The 8oz handmade patty was satisfyingly thick and seasoned to perfection, with just enough fat to ensure that the patty was juicy rather than greasy. The beef was also flawlessly cooked, with a wonderfully pink middle. The brioche bun was sweet, fluffy and importantly managed to retain its form when faced with the succulent beef. The salad was served separately, something we personally approve of, allowing us to choose the perfect salad to burger ratio. Whilst not essential to taste, it certainly enhanced the experience. The mature cheddar cheese superbly melted over the patty, adding a strong flavour which fortunately did not overpower the other elements involved. We opted for the additional dry-cured bacon for £1 and we would certainly recommend investing. The saltiness of the bacon worked well against the richness and slight sweetness of the brioche bun whilst the pickle brought a tangy injection to the whole affair.

Overall the OH Classic was a superb burger and stands as a testament to the power of simplicity. Unfortunately the fries were on the anaemic side and we prefer our bacon crispier but this did not detract from the fantastic flavours of the burger, with each aspect working together in harmony. Just off the coveted five stars, this is certainly a burger for gentlemen and one which we shall be enjoying again.

The gentleman’s rating: starstar