beginners guide to wine

Are you able to tell the difference between your Lambrini to your Dom Perignon?

“Drink wine, not labels.” This simple statement was ushered by Dr. Maynard Amerine, a wine academic. This statement is however much easier said than done. For those of us who haven’t had the opportunity to spend a lifetime uncovering the mysteries of wine, we have been provided a very useful beginner’s guide to start us on the journey.

Alas learning the ins and outs of wine takes many years of dedicated sniffing, swilling and spitting but thanks to a very useful graphic designed by the team at Datadial for Cult Wine, an investment wine organisation, (owned by Tom from the BBC’s Apprentice who lost out to Ricky Martin…) you can start learning the ins and outs, from ideal serving temperatures to distinguishing between which glasses to pour your Riesling or Montrachet into. You’ll be a  connoisseur in no time, just be sure not to let the wine or the knowledge go to your head. There is no greater gentlemanly sin than wine snobbery. The line between being  informatively witty and losing one’s own head up one’s own backside in pretentiousness is very thin indeed my friend, tread carefully.

An infographic for the beginner's guide to wine
Designed by datadial.
Published by wine investment.