How to watch films in style

As we know the modern cinema experience is not one that can be described as particularly enjoyable. It is difficult to identify which aspect is worse; the overpriced stale popcorn, floors so sticky that they can be used as human mouse traps, the incessant rustling of sweet bags or the muffled sounds of prepubescent teens attempting to suck each others faces off. These conditions are to say the least undesirable when attempting to escape reality however there may be hope for the discerning cinema patron.

Errol flynn filmhouse
The Errol Flynn Filmhouse. Photograph

The Errol Flynn Filmhouse which opened its doors to movie goers in June 2013 understands that visiting a cinema is more than simply watching a film and focuses on ensuring each aspect of the experience exhumes quality.

“We wanted to know what people liked or disliked about their local cinema, which cinemas they’d rush back to, and what made these film houses special. Rarely did anyone speak about the films. They talked about the seats, the bars, the food, the passionate staff, the glassware. In short, they valued being treated as grown-ups. We value this too.”

We recently visited the cinema to watch Studio Ghibli’s ‘From up Poppy Hill’ and found the whole experience charming. The warm and friendly manner of the staff immediately made us feel welcome, a stark contrast to the service received at some of the larger cinema chains. It was a good indication of things to come. Our decision to try the olive oil and sea salt popcorn and wasabi peas was one that we did not regret and the Savanna cider perfectly complemented the salty snacks. There is an air of intimacy in the 90 seat strong screening room, the only screen the cinema houses. As we took our seats the quality of the furnishings became apparent with all seats being made from premium leather. It is not unknown to have wade through the spillages of popcorn and sweets that have been unsuccessfully cleaned from the floor of the previous screening’s patrons at some of the larger cinemas, with floors sticky enough to tear the soles off a pair of brogues, however I am pleased to say this was not the case at the Errol Flynn. Reclining back and soaking up the atmosphere, it is clear that the amount of thought and care that has gone into providing a pleasurable overall experience has paid off.

Premium leather seats
Premium leather seats from Skeie, Norway . Photograph

The cinema is situated adjacent to the Derngate theatre and is named after Aussie star Errol Flynn who spent 6 months in Northampton at the Royal & Derngate acting company before reaching stardom across the pond. The cinema boasts a varied selection of films from pioneering art house and world cinema to more mainstream Hollywood blockbusters ensuring all tastes are catered for with the starting price for an adult ticket at £7.50.

It is most certainly the gentleman’s way to enjoy the silver screen.
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