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Errol Flynn Filmhouse | 28th of January | 6:15pm | £7.50

It is in no uncertain terms that when we saw ‘Akira’ heading up the University of Northampton’s Cult Film Club at the Errol Flynn Filmhouse this January, we made a somewhat shrill, giddy noise and had a light skip in our step for the rest of the day. Now this is us somewhat indulging our inner geek, but for any fan of anime, science fiction or cinema, this is an experience which should definitely not be missed.

First released over a quarter of a decade ago in 1988 and directed by the now iconic Katsuhiro Otomo, Akira was one of the very first Japanese anime to make a global impact on western audiences and is considered a landmark for the stylised Japanese animation that is so popular today. Set in a dystopian neo-Tokyo, the film focuses on two friends, Tetsuo and Kaneda. When Tetsuo begins to exhibit psychic powers, it falls on his friends to stop the all out destruction of neo-Tokyo. With an in-depth political thriller taking place in the background, biker gangs of clowns, government testing and stunning visuals of the cyberpunk future setting the stage, Akira is a sci-fi masterpiece that is must for any lover of either animation or science fiction.

Based on the original, epic 2182 page manga of the same name, the legendary Japaense animation has directly influenced some of the most popular films and music videos of the last two decades, including ‘the Matrix’, ‘Chronicle’ and can even be seen in Kanye West’s music video for ‘Stronger’, which has replicated entire scenes from the film.

Whilst watching a film in subtitles may not be up your alley and anime may not be your cup of tea, we would still strongly recommend you give Akira a go. For any science fiction fan, Akira is easily as influential as ‘Blade Runner’ or Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and will have you constantly spotting different themes and scenes that have been reused by a plethora of western filmmakers, writers and directors. For those of you who appreciate art, nothing can compare to Akira’s stylised, smooth and detailed animation which featured over 160,000 animated cels.

Akira Kaneda's Bike

Really, we can say no more than go and watch it on the 28th and if you are not thoroughly entertained and impressed, feel free to discard every gentlemanly word that we will usher in the future.

Ticket prices for the 6:15pm showing on Wednesday the 28th of January are £7.50 and can be purchased at here.

For more information, go to http://www.errolflynnfilmhouse.com/films/cult-film-club-akira/

Akira Clowns Gang