Leon Bridges

‘Coming Home’ by Leon Bridges

Ask any of these whippersnappers these days – OK, technically we could be considered whippersnappers but it is word that we feel is not used nearly enough – what is RnB and they may speak of Justin Timberlake or Usher. Ask Leon Bridges and he may say something very different. The 25 year old Texan-born singer is reviving the true blue sound of the 60s rhythm and blues with his stand out single ‘Coming Home’.

Recorded with guitarist Austin Jenkins and drummer Josh Block from White Denim, Leon Bridges’ soul filled, gospel- influenced sound is smooth, silky and timeless. His rare, golden tone is rich with emotion whilst the calm, melodic instruments allows his incredible voice to take centre stage. What truly impresses us is Bridges dedication to authenticity. When recording the track, only vintage equipment was used to ensure that the feel and style was as close to original sound of the late 50s and early 60s.

With this homage to old school Rhythm and Blues, the young singer is quickly finding his way to stardom after having just signed a record deal with Columbia Records. Certainly one to be aware of for the future, Bridges proves that there is a very significant difference between old and timeless. Also the soulful Texan will be perfoming a one off show in London at The Lexington should you be interested.

What do you gents think? Do you enjoy Bridges revival of classic 60s rhythm and blues or is it too old fashioned? Should the sound be left in the past?