Natalie Press Singer Songwriter

‘Birds of Prey’ by Natalie Prass

Gents, in a few weeks the one question that will undoubtedly be on everyone’s lips will be, ‘have you heard of Natalie Prass?’ Fortunately you will be able to shoot down such questions with a confident chuckle and little head shake, because she is taking over our song of the week. She released her self titled album ‘Natalie Prass’ earlier this week and only after a couple of listens we can already tell this is going to be one of our favourite albums of the year.

‘Birds of Prey’ is the lead single from the album and features the Nashville-based singer songwriter at her finest. Her voice is graceful and emotive whilst the light flutes, muted horn and rolling piano truly enhance’s Prass’ melodic tone. It is clear from the delicate composition ‘Birds of Prey’ will be one of the most soulful and sophisticated pop songs you will hear this year.


With similarities to Lily Allen’s sound – except with less of the street elements – we expect the charming Prass to become a household name on listeners lips with her distinctive, delicate voice and uniquely soulful pop arrangements this year. As for her album, Prass manages to successfully and effortlessly change the tempo and mood of many of the tracks to create a diverse and rich collection of music which keeps you engaged throughout.

What did you think of Prass’ single? Did you enjoy the soulful take on pop or found the song too downtempo? Let us know your thoughts below.